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Lyrics: Hurt Me More :icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 0 0
Pansexual Pride by TameTheDragon Pansexual Pride :icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 1 0 Homestuck: Terezi Pyrope by TameTheDragon Homestuck: Terezi Pyrope :icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 0 0 Consortstuck: Crappy Sprite Edits/ Reference Sheet by TameTheDragon Consortstuck: Crappy Sprite Edits/ Reference Sheet :icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 1 0 Homestuck: Nepeta Leijon by TameTheDragon Homestuck: Nepeta Leijon :icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 0 0 Consortstuck: Viceroy Glubb by TameTheDragon Consortstuck: Viceroy Glubb :icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 1 0
2p!Hetalia: The Cruel World: Prologue
The year is 2020. Earth? In chaos. America has gone mad with power and corruption, only to have dark secrets of the past spill out. The Soviet Union still stands strongly, but keeps to itself as its members don't want to interfere with the other meddling nations. Germany was never the same since World War 2 ended, and the Berlin Wall is both tall and sturdy in his mind and reality. England has kidnapped Sealand, just as Spain kidnapped Southern Italy, known to many as Romano. The only sane one here seems to be me. And who am I, you ask? I'm Italy, one of the European world powers. As you seem confused about this whole scenario, let me explain it to you:
It all started back in the 1600's. England, after another makeout session of many with France, had stumbled upon a lonely and frightened child in the depths of a dark, deep cave.
"You're lucky that I found you, bloody bastard," he said as he grabbed the child and put him over his shoulder. "I'm in need of some more control at the moment
:icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 0 0
Hetastuck: France by TameTheDragon Hetastuck: France :icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 3 3 Hetastuck: America by TameTheDragon Hetastuck: America :icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 2 3 JohnDave Lovechild...? by TameTheDragon JohnDave Lovechild...? :icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 0 0 One Piece OC: Ora by TameTheDragon One Piece OC: Ora :icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 0 3 One Piece: Luffy by TameTheDragon One Piece: Luffy :icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 4 3 One Piece: Zoro by TameTheDragon One Piece: Zoro :icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 7 3
Random Free-Verse Poetry: Insecurity
I can feel small grubs crawling inside my stomach as you walk by
Your very appearence takes my breath away
You made the first move, always have
But I push you away, over and over again
Just a pretentious bastard on the inside
And a monster on the outside
There's nothing beautiful about me
I'm the freak of nature's freaks
But your walks, your lips, your multicolored eyes
They sway my heart slowly and carefully with each step we take
Am I selfish? Am I senseless?
Nobody will tell me what's going on
Everyone sees you as the princecess
And me as the frog
However, this fairytale won't have a happy ending
Not all of them end the way our childish minds hope for
Every day is harder to live than the last
I can't love you like this
You're much too good for the likes of myself
Someone like you deserves a better lover
:icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 0 0
Random Free-Verse Poetry: Meaningless
Insecurity crawls through your ribcage
Your fingers tremble at the sound of his voice
The one that led you to your current state
Half-dead and faintly floating away
Your eyes flutter about the room
Searching for something that you could use
If only you were able to be used for something
Anything besides nothing
A bully's words are etched into the back of your mind
Nagging at you when you're finally confident
Just to bring you back to the rock bottom as blue and red flash before you
Spiraling downwards as your screams grow
You submit to the death lurking about
And regret becomes numb in your heavy, dark heart
Just wondering when you can end this pain
Nobody can live long like this
Tainted whispers attempt to defog your mind
Something tells you they're trying to pull you back
Weakly, you resist, but it's no match
You're dragged out into the open, exposed to the light
He holds you in his arms
So warm and comforting, yet graceful and strong
A voice tells you that he needs you
Suddenly, you
:icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 0 0
Random Free-Verse Poetry: Insomnia
The bedroom is still freezing cold
Despite the numerous blankets atop your worn-out body
Whispers of wind are heard ever so slightly outside the nearby window
And you are reminded of the nighttime friend who visits you
He waltzes into the room without opening a door or making a noise
Slithering into your already crowded bed
Snickers spew from his blood-drenched lips
As you accept the fate that is to come
You lie there while this goes on
Not fighting back at all
For you made the mistake of doing so once
And still bear the scars
Outside grows darker than the pits of hell
Only to be broken apart by the sun
Another night has come and gone
Insomnia leaves you in peace and desperation
:icontamethedragon:TameTheDragon 0 0


Scalemate sewing tutorial Part 2 by lishlitz Scalemate sewing tutorial Part 2 :iconlishlitz:lishlitz 1,584 294 Scalemate sewing tutorial Part 1 by lishlitz Scalemate sewing tutorial Part 1 :iconlishlitz:lishlitz 2,895 402 Scalemate sewing pattern Pg. 4 by lishlitz Scalemate sewing pattern Pg. 4 :iconlishlitz:lishlitz 782 28 Scalemate sewing pattern Pg. 3 by lishlitz Scalemate sewing pattern Pg. 3 :iconlishlitz:lishlitz 780 0 Scalemate sewing pattern Pg. 2 by lishlitz Scalemate sewing pattern Pg. 2 :iconlishlitz:lishlitz 754 14 Scalemate sewing pattern Pg. 1 by lishlitz Scalemate sewing pattern Pg. 1 :iconlishlitz:lishlitz 1,225 74
Turning 18...
is literally exactly the same as turning any other age.
I hate birthdays. Not because I'm afraid of getting older, or the inevitable of life passing by. But I just hate that people figure that one day of the year, they need to pretend to be nice to you, just because it's the anniversary of the day you popped out of your mother.
I never celebrated birthdays outside of a few presents from family, and a birthday dinner at Grandma's. I wasn't allowed birthday parties.
Attending other children's, YES. But I had maybe five of my own. All when I was really little.
I'm turning 18 today, and you know what the thing I'm most afraid of is?
But the more I think about it, the more I realize I've already had all these responsibilities, and things will actually get EASIER now that I'm considered an adult.
My friend Feeby, who I'm moving in with after I graduate, has this big, birthday "weekend surprise" for me, so i'll be there friday night-sunday evening...
According to one friend wh
:iconjohnneko:JohnNeko 1 15
Luffy by RUNNINGWITHSCISSORS1 Luffy :iconrunningwithscissors1:RUNNINGWITHSCISSORS1 51 18 Caramelldansen Zoro + Sanji by Rens-twin Caramelldansen Zoro + Sanji :iconrens-twin:Rens-twin 814 193 One Piece : Sanji vs. Zoro by MAGNUMHEARTED One Piece : Sanji vs. Zoro :iconmagnumhearted:MAGNUMHEARTED 3,113 261 Sanji and Zoro kiss stamp by Okami-Moony Sanji and Zoro kiss stamp :iconokami-moony:Okami-Moony 1,266 141 Kitsunoh by Quanyails Kitsunoh :iconquanyails:Quanyails 44 9 2P! Hetalia by AkatsukiMudkip 2P! Hetalia :iconakatsukimudkip:AkatsukiMudkip 291 32
2P!Hetalia: What it Is
Okay, so a rising thing in the Hetalia fandom right now is 2P and a lot of people don't really understand what it is, so I'm going to explain it.
ORIGINALLY, 2P was an alternative coloring and/or character design for the Nyotalia characters and the main Axis Powers that Himaruya made. These were posted on his website sometime around July 2011. The only one that became noticeably popular at that time was fem!Prussia and her 2P design.
NOW, the fandom has basically butchered that, as usual, and 2P is basically the characters in an alternative universe with more turmoil. Which, is unofficial, by the way. The way this whole "dark-side" thing originated is because Ameriko's character design carries a baseball bat while 2P!Ameriko carries a baseball bat with nails in it, assumed as a weapon. Also, a lot of the 2Ps have red eyes and darker colorings. So people have assumed that that meant they were the characters' dark side.
Speculation is that 2P!England is actually a good cook, as 2P!Igiko
:iconhetaliafanclub:hetaliafanclub 498 220
THIS IS A THING by Wwhatevver THIS IS A THING :iconwwhatevver:Wwhatevver 119 33 Gemini: Sollux by Melody-Musique Gemini: Sollux :iconmelody-musique:Melody-Musique 245 37


by Smushey

You, my friend, are an amazing artist. The eyes have such great details, and the lips are so profound and lucious. This person's head i...


Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive.

I have two Tumblrs, but you can easily find the one I use more often going to my first account (tamethefierydragon). I'm debating just using that for music and poetry, idk.

Sorry for the inactivity; between marching band season and complications within my family, things haven't been good lately and I haven't had time/inspiration for anything. I may just end up deleting this account, idk.

But yeah. I guess I'll hear from you guys later. *waves*

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  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: Pizza
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I don't use dA anymore as I haven't been really into art recently. If you want to contact me, my Skype is tamethedragon. Just tell me who you are so I know you're not some guy in college who wants to get in my pants.


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